Sunday, September 6, 2009


Portfolio is...
*A goal-driven, organized collection of materials that demonstrates a person’s expansion of knowledge and skills over time.
*Contain contents, organization, and presentation of materials vary, depending on intended audience and purpose.
*Is evident of individual’s growth and development.

There are three types of professional portfolios which are:
a-Working portfolios
b-Presentation/showcase Portfolios
c-Teaching Portfolios

I will focus detail on teaching portfolio..

Teaching portfolio is..
*A special type of presentation portfolio that demonstrates the professional competence of anyone who engages in the act of teaching.
*Includes materials associated with teaching: curricular units, syllabi, communication with student (eg. e-mail, notes etc), writing samples, photographs, videos, letters of recommendation, record of academic achievement and teaching evaluation.
*allows teaching and learning to be considered in their appropriate context--a context that changes by field and discipline and/or class size and level.
*no two individuals teaching alike, no two portfolios will look alike
*each one mirrors the unique attributes and styles of the person who created it. Just as teaching approaches vary, student learning styles vary as well.
*highlight and explain specific strategies and approaches to prioritizing, enhancing, and assessing the student learning that results from teaching.

What should be included in teaching portfolio??
a-best practice.
b-the portfolio must demonstrate a set of specific competencies which reflect those professional values.
c-core competencies.

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